APS Company Limited

A subsidiary of Aeroflex Co.,Ltd. with a headquarters in Bangkok and a manufacturing plant in Rayong.  Fully supported by experience teams in rubber and plastic profile production  from Aeroflex Co.,Ltd. and a polymer testing laboratory, EPG Innovation Center, APS offers a variety of high-quality rubber profiles & weather strips from EPDM, CR, TPE, PVC, and other polymers.


Supporting Units

Aeroflex Co.,Ltd

With experience over decades since  1978, is now a world leader in the manufacturing of EPDM rubber based closed-cell light weight elastomeric thermal insulation with multiple manufacturing operations in USA, China, India, Russia and Thailand.

Eastern Polymer Group PLC (EPG)

A listed public company limited that emphasizes on the investment in innovative polymer product manufacturing businesses such as Aeroflex, EPG Innovation Center, Automotive & Accessories business, Plastic Packaging business, Joint Ventures, and supporting businesses.

EPG Innovation Center Co.,Ltd

A subsidiary of EPG established to provide R&D, testing, and material analysis services for products involving polymers, metals, ceramics with the latest technology and equipment, procedures and experienced experts.


Research and development is the core of our growth strategy.
We are committed to developing the new innovation and finding solutions that meet customer’s demand.

APS has equipments and facilities for product research and development with R&D
and Technical team center within the group.
To meet customers’ exacting needs, our team experts strive to provide a cost competitive solution,
within a short lead time from the design to production.
If there is anything that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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